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greenGALLON solutions™ began operations in late 2008 when its first company owned and operated refinery came on
line in Cookeville, Tennessee.  Prior to the opening of the Cookeville plant the company was completing research and development
of its process and laying the foundation for growth.


The company’s strategy is to deploy its greenMICRO™ refineries throughout a strategic network to keep pace with the continually rising
demand for alternative fuels. Today the demand for Advanced Bio Diesel is growing rapidly as Federal and State Governments mandate
the blending of bio diesel with petroleum diesel for on and off road applications.   



  greenGALLON solutions™ currently has plants on line in several major U.S. cities and we are in the process of expanding our network into strategic locations across the Southeastern and Southwestern regions of the United States.

Our Southwest Florida location is home to our Corporate Office, Customer Service Center and Research and Development Lab.


With its U.S. Domestic Network well under way the company is finalizing its plans to develop an international network of biodiesel plants in strategic offshore locations.



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Fort Myers Plant





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